Updated: 1/16/2006.

OASIS: Installation Instructions

The goal of OASIS, the OpenACS VM, is to provide truly hassle-free test-drives of the platform, particularly for Windows users who haven’t been particularly well supported historically.

OASIS 5.1 has a stock debian linux installation on it, and the following OpenACS components:

  • TCL 8.4
  • AOLServer 4.0r5
  • Postgresql 7.4.2
  • Openacs 5.1.1 (port 8000)
  • dotLRN 2.0.3 (port 8080)


  • Download and install the free [VMWare Player].

  • Unzip all files into a directory.
  • Boot up your VM (Power On) in VMWare Player by double-clicking on the file Linux.vmx.
  • Login as root and confirm network connectivity using ifconfig/ping/etc
  • Once you've determined your VM's IP address, you can access it at the URL's http:// :8000 (OpenACS ) or http:// :8080 (.LRN)


  • username/password for .LRN and OpenACS: nobody@localhost / test
  • username/password for Debian: root/rootpass, john/johnpass


The VM is set to use bridged networking and DHCP. Type ifconfig eth0 to figure out your IP address, or ifconfig eth0 ip_address to assign one.


John Sequeira