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ANN: acs-kernel port to MS-SQL Server

I wrote a program to translate plpgsql into MSSQL Server 2000 compliant Transact Sql, and have completed initial work on porting the acs-kernel sql files.

I wrote up a white paper the explains the what, why and how. In brief, I wanted to see if I could possibly re-use the kernel data model on a client project (which didn't happen). In addition, I wanted to see how much leverage I could get out of automated machine translation. With the exception of some cursors, triggers and dynamic SQL statements, the answer turned out to be quite a lot.

The source code to the translation code needs to be cleaned up a little bit before release, but I've produced several files for people to examine what I've done in the interim:

  • An HTML-ized side-by-side comparison of pl/pgsql and translated tsql (includes error messages). (link) (480K)
  • Release notes (link)
  • A single sql file containing all converted SQL [link](170K)

I'm not likely to have time to do much with this project in the near future, but please do contact me if what I've done could be of use or would a link to the source code when it's published. (I'll post it here, but just in case)

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