Updated: 1/16/2006.

VMWare and OpenACS (and dotLRN):  No assembly required

I've created a VMWare virtual machine containing a complete OpenACS web development environment (v5.1.1). It also includes a working dotLRN instance (v2.0.3) - a powerful learning management system built using the OpenACS framework.

Once you download this,  you basically have to hit the "On" button,  give it an IP address,  and you're going.  


OpenACS can be painful to install for non-Unix types like myself, because it has several moving parts (AOLServer, db drivers, service manager, tcl, postgresql etc). I thought it might be valuable to provide the platform as a VM for people just diving in. I wrote up whitepaper on why I think this is a promising way to distribute OpenACS. Looking at the many installation-relating questions posted to the OpenACS support forums, it's clear that allowing new users to develop on the OpenACS platform without subjecting them to installing it could really help promote the platform and it's great out-of-the-box functionality.


  • Download (180M via HTTP)
  • Download via Dijjer (Dijjer is a x-platform p2p service like bitTorrent)
  • Getting Started

    See the installation instructions. (includes login info for os and applications)


    If you have problems getting this running, please post first to the OpenACS forums. It's likely that you'll get a quicker more accurate response, especially if your problem is related to OpenACS and not OASIS specifically.

    John Sequeira (about) (email).