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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Death of PPM? via Chris

Building Perl with the free MSVC tools

CPAN could get more useful?!!? I read the compiler download announcement but that totally passed me by. Thanks... uh... Microsoft. (That's not something I say every day - well, not without irony anyway.)
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Arch follow-up

Jeff Davis comments:

In fairness to Arch it's worth noting David Wheeler's conclusion: "Personally, although I'd be happy to use subversion on others' projects, I personally plan to use GNU Arch; its warts are numerous, but I think they'll be rapidly fixed and GNU Arch has a tremendous amount of promise." I agree 100% though that the wierdness of arch is tremendously frustrating.

My affair with subversion is too preliminary to say I won't doing the same (using separate SCM for public/private coding) if the cygwin or native Win32 port stabilizes.

Here's part of the arch vs. CVS debate on the postgresql mailing list
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