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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Wonder what Ubuntu is like?

Martin did. Debian for almost mere mortals seems to be the early verdict.

I followed Progeny's efforts to keep to the free spirit of Debian but make the installer work the way more commercial distro's do (and tack on the slick-sounding workstation load balancing, or Network of Workstatiosn aka "NOW" ). They failed to make it pay, but let's hope Ubuntu's bankroll and their timing succeed where Progeny did not.
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Sun has a fighting chance

Two flaws in this article - no mention of Novell/Suse and why Dell's success as an organization without an O/S or huge research budget will not continue. I think they need to do more than retune the sales pitch.
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Microsoft Answers the question:

How do we get more than two OS sales per machine?

Think of all the money they'd lose if they designed their server software so that it was secure enough to run multiple tiers on one os image.

[... time passes ...]

Sorry for the grumpier than usual comment. The Windows security thing is getting to me. Both because of having to clean up friend's desktops and also doing many recent server installs where I have to make sure all this MS stuff that my clients are paying for is disabled.

Do these TCO studies include the cost of all the services you need to shut down to secure a Windows box that you'll never use?

Oh, and don't get me started about not backporting XP SP2 to W2K or their trial balloons about *selling* antivirus software or selective disclosure of vulnerabilities to volume licensees or ...

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