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Monday, September 27, 2004 for your phone

hallow adds jabber as a possible endpoint to your POTS traffic. If they included location information in the payload, I could see some pretty interesting applications being tied to a single speed-dial number. That's a much better user experience than either SMS or WAP, which either require you to type and/or aren't (I think) as easily extensible.
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Arch vs Bitkeeper vs World

Scroll down and see the Bitkeeper founder discuss licensing with LWN readers. It's interesting to consider how often you get quality discussions on what is essentially a polished linux linkblog, esp. because I'm pretty sure it's lightly-to-not-at-all moderated.
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Mark Elfring on refactoring in TCL

I'm looking forward to seeing equivalent tools for perl. I was thinking about writing a tool to convert perl code from DBI to Class::DBI for a code base that I support for a client. The steadily improving PPI project looks like an important prerequisite to pulling that off.
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