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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
colinux gets VMWare's Shared Folders, I think

Colinux coder Dan Aloni writes:

I've just commited a new feature into the source tree (, called cofs, which resembles UML's hostfs feature.

This is one of the most sought-for features in coLinux, and indeed it was missing. No more. ...

Dan writes that this is "just a few days work". The man is scary.
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GPS-enabled Anniversary

It's been about 1 yr since I bought my Garmin hand-held etrex Legend GPS... and about 1 yr since I haven't gotten lost going anywhere, on trips to Chicago, SoCal, NY/NYC, NJ, Vermont, and Maine. On every car or bus trip to somewhere I'd never been before, I knew where I was, how far to get to where I was going, the approx. time to get there, and had a compass arrow pointing to my destination.

For a directionally-challenged person such as myself, it's worth commemorating.

Recommended if you ever get lost, and would prefer to never get lost.
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