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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
NAT traversal for dummies?

I spoke with IPdynamics' Mark Schaeffer yesterday about their just-launched solution for peer-to-peer VPNs.

It's pretty disruptive stuff if you're an SME who'd like the whole remote access+network security hairball to go away. I'll put it this way: the days of GotoMyPC charging $20/machine/month are _very_ limited.

I'll try to write up more later.
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Firefox Smart Keywords?

I've entered the CPAN shortcut mentioned by chromatic and it's pretty useful. FF never ceases to amaze.
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When I do a big ETL job, I often want to test things out by restricting my load to a subset of the entire database (so each test doesn't take 15 minutes.) The way I've done that is to run the load against views, and have in each view a filter clause i.e. getting the TOP 100 records.

Using macros looks like a much more elegant alternative.
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