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Friday, April 01, 2005
Perl linkfest

An AJAX-enabled perl debugger?

acme's work looks to be both useful and buzzword-compliant. It's just one of the interesting projects mentioned in pug's author atrijus' daily journal, who is now one of 60 pugs committers after two months.

Following a link in atrijus' journal I found metaperl's journal, where he mentions the frightening-sounding "software design in perl" mailing list (here's his Traffic summary). There's some pretty weighty discussions to be had.

And if those two aren't extreme enough for you, there's the Extreme Perl online book which I've been meaning to mention. Lots of great XP advice there.

What, you want _more extreme_ than that? Okay, then you probably want to take a look at Matt Sergeant's new uber-geeky PhotoGeeks mailing list. There is more than one post describing a post-shoot workflow involving both GPS and RDF. You have been warned.
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Microsoft will merge Linux into Longhorn

coLinux's Dan Aloni receives an offer validating both his coding prowess and his trustworthiness with top-secret weapon design. Go Dan!
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