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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Apache Foundation Meets Solaris Zones.

Stefano Mazzocchi lives about 2 blocks from me in Cambridge, MA. I don't run into him very often, but I always learn alot when I do. A month or two ago, he was describing some challenges facing the Apache Foundation. He mentioned that the the sysadmins are extraordinarily paranoid about defending their high-value target, due to a successful cvs compromise a few years ago. The paranoia, while justified, has really held up the functionality they could offer incubator projects (arbitrary cgi was a no-no) and prevented any delegated administration which led to a serious bottleneck on admin time. I'm sure I asked about using virtualization to sandbox the various projects, and he said they were looking into it.

Gregor (who's one of the Apache lenya authors) recently was able to use Apache's Solaris Zones environment to create an online demo of his cms.... so it looks like they're officially on the virtualization boat. Nice

For extra credit, calculate how much money they saved not using Windows to accomplish this.
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