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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I was looking to see if there were any free/simple private p2p file sharing apps to rival groove out there and stumbled across qNext. They seem similar to iMeem or Grouper, but my first impression is that they're focused more on pushing the bits vs. establishing and managing a community. qNext offers both file sharing and remote access (qNextMyPc) (+voip/video conferencing/im) for free. I love VC's.

I also found a free offer for ShareDirect, which probably wins on the simplicity front since it's a single-task application. I'm currently using for this type of route-around-email large-file sharing, but since firefox 1.03 often crashes uploading large files, it's a good time to find an alternative.

Update Grrr. Laplink has a pretty lame monthly transfer quota on their free version - 50Meg. That's useless to me. Clearly they haven't been introduced to the right VC's.
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