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Thursday, August 11, 2005
How to clone Office Communicator (maybe)

Don Box likes Office Communictor

"this sort of thing is cool as hell; wonder what the open source equiv is - Asterisk plus something, i'd guess" - Stephen O'Grady

I believe that guess is correct. If you google for "asterisk +tapi" you see the screen-pops and click-to-dial functionality enabled by Asterisk on Windows. I'm pretty sure the routing functionality (findme/followme) is configured on Asterisk itself. I'm not too familiar with Office Communicator, but I bet that covers the salient functionality.

I suspect the pim-integration pieces are just as easy to roll your own on Linux, and am pretty sure you have no choice but to do that because the packaged app support isn't there. The desktop linux call center and PIM market is, um, smaller than Windows :-).

I've been getting a lot of inquiries to implement telephony integration for CRM applications, so I've been doing some homework on implementing a free/oss test-bed.
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Tools I Love

Selenium and Darcs are two of the more brilliant open source developer apps that I've recently added to my toolbox. I've got a write-up coming for each, but just wanted to mention them since my longer-blog-entry editing time has been pretty scarce lately.

Suffice it to say, time spent checking into either tool will be well spent.
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EnterpriseDB Roadmap

From their dba forum ...

The present EDB development roadmap looks like the following (in order of priority):

  1. Asynchronous Replication from Oracle as master db & linking to Oracle tables

    (Beta starts in early August with GA expected early Q4)

  2. Packages & explicit tx ctrl from inside stored procedures & functions

    (GA expected late Q4)

  3. Better "Redwood" compatibility for
    • Sequences
    • Ref Cursors
    • Exec Immediate (GA expected late Q4)
  4. Support for "Redmond" style stored procedures & triggers

    (Beta start expected late Q4)

Stay tuned, and thank you for helping us build a better product.

Shahzad Khokhar (VP Customer Support) (Recognized User) Send private email

I wish they had this info on the website (or blog ... wait there is none - hello!) and didn't make me go digging. From the above, I don't think they can get bonafide ISV support until next year (packages, exec, etc). I question whether Redmond/MSSQL support is worth diverting resources to before the Oracle stuff is closer to meeting this important milestone, but maybe they're separate teams?

In another forum posting, they also said they'd be bundling an app server with a web management interface RSN. This could be pretty cool stuff.
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