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Friday, January 19, 2007
H2 Database v 1.0

The H2 Java Database went version 1.0 this week. I like the provocative benchmarking chart - every db project should have one of these ( and they all probably could for the right workload ):

Now I don't really have much need for an embedded Java db but I thought this history quote was quite inspiring:

The development of H2 was started in May 2004, but it was first published on December 14th 2005. The author of H2, Thomas Mueller, is also the original developer of Hypersonic SQL. In 2001, he joined PointBase Inc. where he created PointBase Micro. At that point, he had to discontinue Hypersonic SQL, but then the HSQLDB Group was formed to continued to work on the Hypersonic SQL codebase. The name H2 stands for Hypersonic 2; however H2 does not share any code with Hypersonic SQL or HSQLDB. H2 is built from scratch.

The engineer who couldn't stop making databases - whether as an employee or on his own time. Kudos Thomas.
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