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Friday, February 08, 2008
Debugging My Long Distance Bill

I noticed my long distance telephone bills growing at a rapid clip, since I've been doing a lot more remote-tech-lead work than normal.

It occurred to me that there may actually a solution to the problem of excessive long distance bills. I set up GrandCentral's Address Book view as one of my IE home page tabs, and whenever I have to call the team I use that page's click-2-dial function.

When you click a phone number in GC, their telco provider first dials you, then dials the other party. Since there's no outbound call, so there's no cost. The quality so far has been great. There are occasional issues, but they're probably fewer than my cell phone for comparison.

This seems like a big deal ... maybe not because it's not scalable to the country (yet), but the recent announcement that the non ILEC's were implementing peering agreements for no-cost long distance brings us oh-so-tantalizingly-close to free long-distance for the masses.
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