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John Sequeira has done development for my company for the past eighteen months, and I have found him to be absolutely invaluable in three areas:
  1. John's technical skills span an enormous variety of platforms and technologies.
  2. His communication skills are first-rate (so much so that even wrote a proposal for one of my clients at one point).
  3. And, finally, he is unbiased.
Because he is competent with multiple languages and platforms, John helps clients make better decisions. He is the rare programmer who isn't fanatical about either open-source or Microsoft technologies and is equally skilled with both. That means you can always feel comfortable that you are getting the best advice. For all these reasons I have no hesitation in recommending John Sequeira's services.

Adam Grossman
CEO, Aboutface, Inc
November 2003

I give John my highest and complete recommendation. He is the most well rounded programmer I know and a delight to work with.

Talli Somekh
Principal, Musea Technologies
April 2003

John Sequeira worked for me over a period of six months. Adteractive's core business is built on a transaction logging and reporting system. Prior to John joining our technology team, we had experienced a sustained period of incredible growth with the company . With that growth came a equally large burden on our core application. John was brought in initially to guarantee our system would not be brought down with this higher volume of transactions. Concurrently, he was asked to make changes to scale the application for further growth. It is easy to look back now and see it was a successful effort. His work on all aspects of the application, including database design, sql optimization, and coding efforts all played a part in this success.

His success in that endeavor gave us reason to keep him on for further projects. In these he again displayed his wide set of skills from coding additional reports in Perl to providing high-level architecture recommendations for our new flagship application.

Simply said, John gets the job done and his body of work is very high quality.

Timothy James
CTO, Adteractive, Inc.
January 2003

John Sequeira led the design and implementation of a data warehouse reporting system, and an email marketing system at the Princeton Review.

His work was absolutely top quality: John not only excels technically, but he also has great communication skills. He helped our developers acquire the large skill-set necessary to maintain the applications he built - they have pretty much been self-sustaining for a year now, and we have been able to handle any maintenance needs in-house.

On the technical side, John is a true guru. Any language he doesn't already know (and there are few), he will pick up quite quickly. John has my highest recommendation.

Gabriel Taran
Lead Developer, The Princeton Review
November 2002

...Special thanks go to John Sequeira, who is the technical brains behind my understand of WebClasses, ASP, and JavaScript. He has been putting data on the Web since 1994 and currently specializes in e-Commerce systems. John's contribution to this book cannot be overstated, and I'm very proud to consider him among my friends.

Jesse Liberty
Independent Consultant and Author, Programming C#, Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days, et. al.
December 1999

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