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CRM Consultant

2002 - Ongoing
Swimfish Consulting

Lead architect for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) VAR specializing in financial services implementations. Responsibilities include upfront requirements gathering, producing hardware/software/integration strategy, and implementing the integration component of CRM rollouts.

Technologies include Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS), perl, ASP.NET/C#, Java/JSP, Microsoft Reporting Services, XML+XSLT

ETL/BI Developer

Supply Chain Startup

Database developer of medical inventory management ASP's hosted analytics application, including design of data model, data aggregation architecture, ETL process and reporting framework.

Technologies include ASP.NET, SQL Server, OLAP Server.

Code Review/LAMP Development

A-B Web Testing ISV

Extended and refactored existing LAMP reporting module to include performance, functionality and usability enhancements. Delivered code review of existing architecture looking for performance improvements, and suggestions for future scale-out strategies.

Lead Developer

Aboutface Corporation

Lead developer of employee directory application including new feature development, client-specific customizations, maintenance and end-user customer support escalations.

Technologies include Microsoft SQL Server, IIS, FastCGI, Apache, MySQL, mod_perl ('WAMP')

ASP.NET Migration, E-Commerce

E-Commerce Website

Lead developer for e-commerce website undergoing ASP-to-ASP.NET migration using Commerce Starter Kit.

LAMP Developer

Trust for Public Land

Worked on branded or skinned version of Quickbase web application using rewriting reverse proxy.

Also lead development of Conservaton Almanac - a reporting website based on above dataset. Content on site was programmatically regenerated from Quickbase source using combination of perl Quickbase API, screen scraping, XSLT, and SVG.

Data Warehousing Consultant

August 2004
Princeton Review

Architectural review and mentoring engagement to validate the design of billion-row clickstream analytics application.

Engagement included code and data model review and well as on-site one-on-one coaching.

Retail Analytics ASP

February 2003
LABS Technology

Performance tuning, architectural review, and mentoring engagement for client migrating from RDBMS to Microsoft OLAP platform.

Enterprise Content Management

October 2002-March 2003
Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Lead architect for visioning and web strategy engagement for Human Resources unit of Fortune 500 financial services firm.  Project involved gathering business and technical requirements for short and long term development plan by interviewing both business groups and technical staff within company.  Responsible for assessing architectural implications of business needs and reconciling those with existing technical infrastructure within company.  Phase 2 of project involves implementation of development roadmap using the Interwoven Teamsite Content Management System.

Architectural Review/Extranet Development

March-November 2002
Online Advertising Network

Initial engagement involved code review and write-up of a plan for achieving fault tolerance using mirrored data centers and SQL Server log shipping.  Also included assessing the suitability of using MSSQL Server OLAP Services as a reporting platform

The project evolved into general purpose Transact-SQL query performance tuning as well as new web application development for an extranet reporting application using ASP/PerlScript. 

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

February-September 2002
Venture Capital Firm

Lead architect/developer on application integration project linking NetAge CRM package with Intraspect KM application.  Implemented single-signon using Apache/mod_perl rewriting reverse proxy, and 2-way data synchronization between Oracle and MS SQL Server 2000 systems.

Clickstream Analytics

March-July 2001
The Princeton Review -

Sole developer of click-stream analytic data warehousing application for high-traffic (50M hits/mo) web site implemented on Microsoft Analysis Services and SQL Server 2000. Application consisted of significant extraction, transform, and load (ETL) processes written in Perl, VBS, and Data Transformation Services (DTS). Wrote object oriented middle tier which transformed MDX queries into XML-based WDDX packets for display by Cold Fusion user interface.

Project was completed to spec and ahead of schedule, with zero critical defects reported by QA department. Responsibilities were then expanded to include re-factoring a targeted email marketing application and general web site/SQL performance tuning. After reviewing web site architecture for scalability issues, recommended and implemented an Edge-Side Include(ESI) caching reverse proxy using an Apache/mod_perl to cache as much of the site's dynamic content as possible.

Engagement included significant knowledge transfer (4+ weeks) consisting of both informal mentoring, professional documentation for all custom software components. In addition, conducted classroom-based training on Microsoft data warehouse technology and methods for company's entire development staff.


1992 B.S., School of Applied & Engineering Physics, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

1993-1994 Ph.D. candidate, Department of Physics University of California, Santa Barbara

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