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Friday, May 21, 2004

Miguel on Patents

Miguel de Icaza: 20 May 2004: More patents..

I'm having trouble with Miguel's arguments... and I suspect there's a fancy latin term for the fallacy he's pitching. Since your open source software is likely just as patent-encumbered as Mono, why not use Mono?

Wow. That's a hard one to sell to your CTO.

Miguel says that MS wouldn't give the justice department a smoking gun by shutting down competing CLR stacks. But isn't that just what they did by hinting to Baystar that SCO might make a fine investment? The gun smokes, but the gov't is more interested in chastizing the EU for their MS wrist-slapping.

It's a given that there's so much $$$ and influence kicking around at MS, that they don't actually need to act to accomplish their goals (think of @Stake's ex-cto).

I love the phrase, Microsoft makes their own gravity because it explains why both MS detractors and boosters are often wrong. It's just a fallacy to compare what MS's likely to do with what other, non-gravity-producing patent-holding companies might do.

I think Miguel can do better and I'm disappointed so far with his mono defense.
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