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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
LeanOnMe: xplatform, jxta-based p2p backups

Am I the only one who thinks that this is a natural thing to bundle with digital cameras?

It seems like the average digital photography fan really needs to achieve the fault tolerance of a box of photo prints, but won't realize it until their hard drive goes poof. I really think the digital photography vendors (both hw and sw) should make the need appararent and the solution foolproof.
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I saw last week and was very impressed. Marveling at the depth of the characters, I didn't realize that it was not just based on a true story (or era), but actually a repackaging of a Harvard case study on dot-com mania. I am pretty sure I have been in every single meeting chronicled in the movie, and met the various incarnations of the lead characters many times at different ventures. They were so poignantly representative of folks in that particular era that I mistakenly thought the movie a sublime bit of fiction.

Back when the movie came out, I remember distinctly _not_ wanting to see it, because I had just finished an assignment at a dot-com that imploded much like the one featured in the movie. Even though I was a consultant there, I liked the group of people I worked with a lot, was pretty bummed that it folded, and the 'someday' in "someday we'll look back and laugh" was still a ways off.

But... someday has arrived and it was a pretty fun movie. If you too survived the era of monetizing eyeballs and 12 month exit strategies, I think you'll enjoy it.
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