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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
CPAN Ratings

According to bloglines, I'm the only (bloglines) subscriber to the CPAN Ratings rss feed. That's not surprising, since I couldn't find the URL published anywhere, and had to guess it. But it's a shame, because it's such a good way to keep on top of what others find good about CPAN (like Commands-Guarded), which is 90+% of why Perl is so great.
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What's new in (the planned) arch 2.0?

Usability (!): A gui, shorter paths, Windows support.

I was talking with Talli about Windows support for arch, and observed that most of the limitations preventing it would be solved by WinFS. Actually, a native arch Windows port would make a great technology showcase for WinFS. Of course Tom would eat at least one of his own vital organs before that came to pass.
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is database company with an "employee search" public demo that demonstrates some impressive screen scraping technology. Try it out with some past employers.
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