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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Is EnterpriseDb a gateway drug for Oracle?

Or more like methadone for recovering Oracle addicts? Find out here: Me On O'

It's definitely light on my interview details ... but I've seen most of what I learned reported elsewhere so I didn't include it.

Also, here's a good take on EDB from the Postgresql side responding to tepid EWeek coverage. Robert Treat points out that:

  • Postgresql developers aren't EDB's target market, and
  • It's really too early to tell how the relationship will work re: source code/branch mgmt issues ...

    The community is excited, and if they arenít, they will be; we just need two things to occur. First, people need to hear about EntepriseDBís sponsored development. Once they learn about this, they will start to come around. Second, we need to see those first couple-three case studies that describe clients who have switched from Oracle to PostgreSQL. Once those come out, people will get excited.

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