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Monday, June 20, 2005

Atrijius dangles the prospect of IronPerl6 (perl6 on the clr) in front of me.

He also mentions that in his prior-art survey he liked the multiparadigm C# superset Nemerle a lot. Nemerle has lisp-like macros, which perhaps I never appreciated until this example:

Our library provides special functions (macros) for executing SQL queries. They have similar functionality to methods of System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand class, but all the strings passed to them are verified at compile-time. They are being sent to database by compiler, so the database provider is used here as a verification program. If it returns an error, the compilation is stopped with a message pointing to an invalid SQL statement.

Compiling inline SQL when you compile your code to verify parameters/syntax/etc, and using macros to do it... I can't get over how cool that is.

They also have a few examples of SQL one-liners that resolve to copious amounts of ADO.NET code.
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