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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The link above describes FreeNX, a thin client techology for Linux that's both impressive and underappreciated. I learned about FreeNX a few years back, and have been expecting great things from it ever since. Thinking about it's nonadoption I wondered ... why doesn't a company like linspire offer a gotomypc/ service ?

They could ship the freenx server with their desktop, and run a proxy service for firewall traversal. Seems like that would be a good way to justify or tier their subscription revenue, and offer better fee-based end-user support services as well by enabling this level of the remote control.

Am I missing something (i.e. is this harder or more expensive than I imagine?)

Oh ... and in related news: if you have to do remote support, sign up for the free logmein rescue beta -- it's a zero install, firewall-piercing, remote-control service for tech support personnel. I will definitely be using it for Windows server support cases where software installation (required by free is not an option. I tried this yesterday and it is totally great.

They're pricing it at $5/incident, which fits my intermittent needs perfectly.
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Open Source BI

Excellent post by Mart Rittman on Open Source Business Intelligence. Pentaho is an ambitious effort to take a bunch of semi-related Java frameworks (including Mondrian, Jetspeed, Eclipse/BIRT, Apache FOP, etc ) and make it into a cohesive platform. I wonder how many templating and config file syntaxes they'll need to reconcile?

The less ambitious BEE project relies on simpler script technology (perl+mysql) and looks much less likely to cause mental indigestion.
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