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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Weaning off Oracle

At a birthday party on Sunday, I met a CEO of a 500 person technical publishing firm. *Somehow* we got to talking about databases ( no really, I'm fun at parties, honest ), and he mentioned that Sun and Oracle licenses were really killing his firm. They sell a lot of content by the article on their website, and downtime is extremely expensive. He wasn't interested in migrating off Sun/Oracle for the e-commerce piece, but everywhere else (disaster recovery, reporting, etc) they were experimenting with lower-cost alternatives like SQL Server.

It struck me that this is exactly the kind of firm that EnterpriseDB's CEO Andy Astor mentioned to me when describing his target market. I glibly mentioned to Andy when I spoke with him last year (EnterpriseDB: ora2pg and mssql2pg?) that I thought the idea of a price-conscious Oracle customer was an oxymoron, but I imagine there are a fair number of firms out their who overbought during the boom years, and are due for some software licensing downsizing. That describes my CEO's firm pretty well.

Anyway, I mentioned EnterpriseDB and ANTS server as two Oracle migration options with compatibility layers that might mean the least amount of migration cost. I'm hoping his techies take a look so I can report back on it.
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