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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Say hello to "Jabba"

I just purchased a 750G Hard drive from eWiz for ~$335. Downloading Oracle's 12Gig Virtual Appliance busted my current free space budget, which would have been busted 2 months ago if it hadn't been for a trial of Invirtus VM Optimizer ( which freed up 35G -- thanks Invirtus!)

I was tempted to go for 2 and set up a mirrored RAID array but ...

  • I'm fine paying the bargain price I did - no strong desire to pay double and
  • the data I really need backed up (i.e. code+docs) has thankfully not ballooned exponentially.

    rsync + 5-year-old-workstation-hosted-on-friend's-slow-DSL still works for that.
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  • Two greate tastes, that .. taste great together?

    I read a rumor in eweek that Logmein is acquiring Hamachi and their 3 *million* users. Logmein, which makes every application web-enabled, and Hamachi, which makes every app vpn-accessible, have both become essential tools for a consultant who works remotely the bulk of the time, and this seems like a very good match.

    Fingers crossed that they remain free.
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