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Friday, June 11, 2004

VMs and the Lazy Sysadmin (a.k.a developer)

Here's a nice write-up by coderman of using virtualization to prevent zero-day exploits.

I know I've said this before, but I love doing my development using VMs. I back up the VMs periodically, so if my desktop pc or hard drives go poof, then I can be up and running on my laptop in minutes, with the consistent server environments. It's 100s of times better than just saving files and having to reconfigure everything.

Desktop virtualization-by-default seems like a good fit for technology like Determina's "memory firewall" ... which profiles running code to make sure it stays within normal behavior. Then you can lock down the host OS (strict profiles, privilege separation etc.) and have your development VMs a bit more lax, so that you're not constantly fighting to get work done. This gives you better security, supports legacy OS's, and you get EZ-disaster recovery for free.

Now that's lazy.
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"In the end, you may not be that good a developer...".

Paul has written a brilliant piece skewering some of the traditional myths associated with hiring programmers. If you’re a developer, read it. He speaks the truth.... [rebelutionary]>
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