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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Thus Sprach Miguel

Whenever there's a post about mono on Slashdot, I enjoy clicking on Miguel's page to see his comments. Whether you agree or disagree, they're always entertaining.
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SQL Server 2005 Express Edition: MS response to MySQL et al

Microsoft announced the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition technical preview at Tech*Ed Europe. Express Edition is the renamed and much improved MSDE.... [via]

XCopy deployment seems like a feature well worth, um, copying.

The big omission from this edition is Enterprise Manager, which is an extremely easy to use db management tool. I've found that you can install the client tools (including EM) from SQL Server Standard Edition, and manage free edition db's just fine. Also, there are 3rd party tool-makers who sell replacement EM's for < $50. With the query governor gone, Express Edition means SQL Server can be a very inexpensive choice.

Update it looks like they'll be including an express mgmt GUI tool as well. This seems much less crippled than MSDE in that sense. But in others ... I guess you can think of it as programming with a powerful database on ~8 year old hardware (1 CPU, 1 Gig RAM, 4 Gig storage) Now there's a marketing blurb for you.
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