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Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Dare Obasanjo rebut's Joel

I expect a lot of rebuttals from the MS blogs to Joel's "MS is killing us with APIs" piece. Dare's take seems authentic in that his criticism of Joel is very muted. There seems to be more tacit agreement than disagreement in what he writes.

I haven't been excited about .NET because of the same deployment issues Joel mentioned in the past. I think XP SP2 will mark a big milestone here, in that MS is finally putting their foot down and saying "To have a secure Windows system, you absolutely must have the latest Windows *and* .NET". That's going to force a lot of organizations to migrate, but I'm not so sure about home users (most of whom have no idea why they should care about the "Updates Are Ready" bubble).

We'll have to see whether this will dent the no-ubiquity argument.
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