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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
distcc author Martin Pool

writes a *lot* about version control:

I like thinking and writing about version control because it has an interesting mix of technical problems and human/social problems, and because it's still very much an open question. For something like a file server you can cap the basic performance in terms like "should be able to saturate GbE on such a machine and should correctly implement these RFCs." But for more human tool like a version control system the basic measurement is how much it improves the productivity of developers, which is pretty much unbounded.

While not directly putting down Subversion or svk, he does do a good job referreeing the debate between Tom Lord and the subversion developers, and bringing up personal use cases where tla works better for him. He clearly has a bias towards distributed version control, even for his solo developer projects.

[via Talli, who dislikes SVK+subversion and wanted to point me to a co-disliker. ]
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Bug Tracker RT has a Windows Installer

that installs Apache/Mysql/Perl + RT & dependencies, that looks like it was done by PAR author Atrajius. I might have to check that out.
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