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Thursday, August 19, 2004
Ludicorp Oranizr

Looks promising. I like how they mention the wedding use case as an example of where you'd want to collaborate on what they're calling a photo pool.

Dave Bauer commented previously on this blog that Ludicorp (author of Organizr and Flickr) has published an API so that other applications can participate in the collaboration. It's seems like the Flickr folks really get the intersection of network effects and photography, both on the tool side and the consumer side.

In related photo news, I ponied up for a USB NIC about a month ago, and I've been using Tivo to view my digital photos since then. It is soooo much better than dealing with laptop LCD viewing angles or gathering around the comfy-for-one home office. I'm proud to say that for a few weeks at least the amount of time spent watching content I've authored has exceeded that of others. Guests forced to sit through slideshows of my one-year-old might disagree, but it seems like a milestone worth mentioning.
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