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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Virtualizing via Solaris

Patrick Giagnocavo writes:

Solaris 10 will have "zones" which are similar to jails, plus will have a "container" setup where you have a zone located inside a container, and can configure RAM usage, CPU, number of simultaneous processes that can be run, etc. for each zone. If a zone takes up more than the configured amount of RAM, it will have its least active pages swapped out.

Rebooting a zone will take a few seconds. You will be able to have up to 8191 zones per machine.

That is impressive.
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Bill de hÓra on why John Sequeira never got overly excited by Java

Okay, that wasn't the actual title, but it definitely could have been. As Phil G articulated my distrust of application servers, so has Bill d O with my misgivings over java the language's technical, legal and organizational baggage. He goes a bit further though in prescribing some remedies, which also seem reasonable.

I'm not sure about IronPython replacing VB though -- that seems like a reach. I think IronPython (and any other non-VB.NET and C# support) will occupy the same strategic niche as J++ and ActivePerl -- a sop to folks coming from other (mainly OSS/*nix) places, so they don't find the omnibus .NET platform so completely unfamiliar that they don't bother trying to learn it.
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