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Thursday, January 06, 2005
In Soviet Russia, *you* infect Internet Explorer w/spyware

Fiddler is to Internet Explorer as livehttpheaders is to Mozilla/FF : a tool to help you debug http traffic between IE and web server. It looks like it does a lot more, like scriptable transcoding, .NET plugins, etc. I found it really helpful today working with web s/w that (grrrr) didn't work correctly in Firefox.

In the spirit of equal time, Justin Mason suggests a transcoder for Mozilla:

Nuke Anything is a Mozilla/Firefox extension which offers two great features in the right-click context menu:

  • Remove this object: this will remove the object you've right-clicked on -- a table TD, paragraphs, images, IFRAMEs, etc.

  • Remove selection: more usefully, this allows you to select exactly what you want to remove with a left-button drag, then right-click to remove it.

    Justin uses it to clean up pages before sending them to the printer. I find adblock almost always takes out the stuff I don't want, but YMMV.
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