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Thursday, January 13, 2005
Microsoft embraces the thin client w/Visual Studio.NET

Free demo of Visual Studio.NET + tutorials.

I worked briefly for the MSDN team in '98, and said they should set something like this up. They liked the idea ... and just 6 or so short years later voilà! Kudos to them :-)
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Tony Bowden: "Mutiny at the Maypole"

Tony's anecdote on open source scope creep, and solving specific vs. general problems is instructive:

Behind my beliefs on this lies one often overlooked truth: frameworks are hard. They're much more about philosophy than technology. Early design mistakes get magnified dramatically, usually in direct proportion to the level of abstraction you're aiming at. And the more you build the framework in isolation from the sites you're building using the framework, the more likely you are to make those mistakes. And once they're made they're really hard to recover from.

I have a strong appreciation for the difference between the type of client-specific code I write as a consultant, and the kind of code that ends up in CPAN or commercial products. Many consultants like to think of their code as product- or framework-grade, but just solving someone's problem elegantly is not enough.
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