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Friday, January 14, 2005
As Seen on Scoble(tm) : Sousveillance Demo App

I love the idea of sousveillance being a model for how we achieve personal security in the future.

It's so much more encouraging to think about our kids taking lots of pictures/video/podcasts to maintain their safety than the alternatives ( like kids wearing centrally monitored, cow-tracking RFID tags around their neck ).
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Surgient: a la carte demo servers

The part I forgot to mention about the Microsoft VS.NET demo is that they've outsourced this to a company named Surgient, an ASP for thin client farms that they pitch as a way for any ISV to demo their software (for sales presentations or prospect evaluations). They take care of thin client farm deployment, and rolling back your virtual machines to pristine state after every customer use.
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