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Monday, November 07, 2005
Announcing Amped::Jobs

I'm using this blog to repost job inquiries I receive that aren't right for me. If your expertise is similar to mine, you might want to subscribe to check out the opportunities. Your challenge if you see something appealling is to figure out how to get in touch with me so I can forward the details.

Using blogs (or blog authors) to filter job leads seems like a good idea. If you're reading this blog, odds are you either are or know someone who might benefit from the leads sent my way that aren't quite right for me (mostly because their permanent opportunities, located elsewhere, etc.)

So, I've decided to post inquiries sent to me by recruiters that aren't a good fit for me. Usually that means:

  • They're permanent positions - I'm contract-only
  • They're onsite, far away - I mostly telecommute
  • I'm busy - I'm uh, busy

    Think of it as "Query By Example" applied to job hunting, where the example in this case is my online resume, which recruiters presumably read before contacting me. I will try to only post stuff if the email to me has been personalized, and I will strip out recruiter-identifying information since I'm not getting permission to post the lead. Almost always recruiters will ask if I know anyone, so I don't see posting an anonymous version as very different from forwarding the email to a qualified friend.

    I'm posting these to a separate site, because if you're not looking for a job then it's pretty much just noise. The problem this raises is that you're going to forget that this feed exists when you need a job. Which means I have to rely on people stumbling across this posting or the other site view google etc... I suspect if people have a folder for rss feeds they don't read weekly, but may find useful someday (like I do), then that's the right place for it.

    It's a modest effort on my part -- using blogger's post-by email I basically just anonymize and forward. But regardless, I hope you or someone you know finds Amped::Jobs useful.
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  • Foldershare

    Foldershare: purchased by Microsoft last week, looks worth checking out.

    In brief:

    Foldershare = ShareDirect,Groove,etc - $$$ + Lin/Mac

    Foldershare = hamachi + unison|ifolder

    Foldershare = Logmein Pro - VNC|FreeNX - $$$
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