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Monday, November 28, 2005
Web Analytics for free

I tried to sign up for Google Analytics yesterday and was informed that its closed to new users while they add new capacity. It's not a big deal for me, but I really enjoyed hitbox (now websidestory) when it was free many years ago. It did a good job telling a story about your visitors, and it's something I miss now that I'm relying only on analog.

But, for all those techies less patient than me (+ with a couple servers + free time on their hands), you can roll your own with Bizgres Clickstream, a free sample app demonstrating their open source BI solution. Okay, maybe it's not quite comparable, but I thought Bizgres's version of the Petshop sample app deserves a mention.

Greenplum, the company behind the open source Bizgres project, is doing interesting things with Postgres. Their flagship app, Bizgres MPP, just reached widely available beta status. It's a VLDB/warehousing flavor of Postgres, and is definitely on my radar.
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