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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
The only reason I used Internet Explorer ...

... no longer exists. Logmein recently released a firefox plugin(!) for their remote control solution. I'm pretty sure it's simply a wrapper around their activeX client, but that's fine with me because it worked so much better than their java client.

In other logmein news, I had meant to relate a tale of superlative customer support. I had the logmein agent crash on a VM I was working with, and I called their support line just out of curiousity. This is a free service, so I expected that I would google the solution to my problem long before the tech support phone tree from hell kicked in. I got distracted by a cell call and hung up. Ten minutes later, I received a call back from logmein. The tech support person had read my number off of caller id and called me back to find out how they could help! This is for a service I don't actually pay for. I was floored.

I believe every IT shop I've done a remote control session with Logmein Remote has investigated buying it. It's really a first class offering ... I haven't used it enough to know first hand if the support equals their free product, but I'd say that's a reasonable assumption :-)
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