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Friday, April 07, 2006
5 Ways to run Perl on IIS

I was just looking into options for a client committed to running a ported mod_perl app on IIS, so I thought I'd post my findings:

  • CGI (old-school perl) Works well, robust, simple, relatively low performance
  • PerlScript (via old-school asp) Works well, robust, simple, good platform integratio, script compiled each request so performance comparable to CGI
  • FastCGI (almost as old-school as CGI), high performance, very stable, modest impact on code (threadsafe modules etc), but not big community using IIS so community support is erratic
  • PerlASPX (new-school ASP.NET) Recently End of Life'd (EOL) by ActiveState. Theoretically I think you could use the still-alive Perl.NET to reimplement these bindings ... but why bother?
  • PerEx - analogous to Apache's PerlRun, transparently keeps perl scripts persistent, can encrypt your code, offers some XML/Web Services autowiring. EOL'd in 2005, quite similar to the equally EOL'd velocigen (from the company now known as BlueTitan). Essentially it's like a commercial version of FastCGI with more webserver integration (a deliberate FastCGI antigoal).

    Of course, native Apache 2.0+mod_perl is probably the best approach, but for some folks in Microsoft shops that's crazy-talk.
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