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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Two Horizontal Scaling Tools for LAMP/LAPP

Here are two recently released resources for horizontal scaling your db tier :

  • Skype has developed and open-sourced PL/Proxy for Postgresql
  • Google has released Shards for Hibernate, to add horizontal partitioning support to the Java ORM library.

    YAMB: Yet Another Mysql Backend

    And I just ran across a reference to ... MyISAM++ at MySQL Camp Google Notes

    MySQL guy: They’re releasing to MyISAM++ will do everything InnoDB does, but way better. Readers don’t block writes, etc etc. Different from Falcon. Both will be out next year.

    I guess technically it's not another backend, just a new rev of the old MyISAM mainstay. Still, I saw an April Fool's announcement of a postgresql backend for mysql (?link?) and it just doesn't seem so unlikely to me.
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  • JeOS: Fractional Operating Systems?

    JeOS is the most interesting part of the virtual appliances discussion because it provides a small system footprint and an automatic update mechanism, simplifying work for ISVs wanting to provide a secure and reliable solution.

    I was wondering when this would arrive. JeOS seems like it might remove the distinction between openVZ-like os partitioning and full-system virtualization (VMWare). In addition, it's also an important first step in shrinking both the attack surface and the management load of the fractional machines to match their fractional service delivery.
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