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Thursday, April 19, 2007
Stateless Linux for the masses

Babeldisc looks like a consumer version of the virtual desktop/thin client/LTSP/etc concept.

They use a Linux-based LiveCD (and soon USB fobs) to boot the OS, paired with networked storage for user data hosted at Rackspace (what... no s3?)

It looks pretty cool ... but I wonder if they'll get killed on support costs for device driver troubleshooting. Photoprinter/wifi/etc headaches have consistently killed all my desktop linux livecd explorations.
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Marathon Man

A friend from high school, Matt Simms, placed 186th in the recent Boston marathon. Congrats Matt!

I haven't been in touch with Matt since he went off to Annapolis, but our extended families still live in the same small town and see each other pretty regularly. I learned that last year he won the Boston Marathon in Iraq while on tour there. His Baghdad time was 2:53 which was only 17 minutes more than his recent Boston time. The Iraq version was the normal 26.2mi run ... with the additional challenge of 115 degree heat.

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