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Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Cubulus: Open Source OLAP ++

Cubulus is a new kid on the open source OLAP block.

Written in ~ 3K lines of python, it implements mySQL-based ROLAP w/calculated aggregations stored in memcached, and includes rudimentary MDX and distributed parallel query support.

It sounds like an ambitious project ... and one I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.

also on John's Open Source OLAP radar:

  • Pentaho's Mondrian -- the original java-based ROLAP engine
  • OpenI - kitchen sink platform similar to pentaho
  • OpenOLAP - Big in Japan ( needs help on translation )
  • Palo - MOLAP store for excel et al.
  • LucidDB - trendy column oriented architecture
  • MonetDB - also column oriented.

Note that I have only very limited experience with the above items ... my clients always seem to have a licensed copy of SQL Server around, which gives them free (zero-marginal-cost) analytics.
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Blikistan is a blogging tool named after the small ex-Soviet country Blikistan. Blikistan (the software) features a magic engine which pulls all the blog configuration and postings from a Socialtext Wiki. Blikistan (the country) has a population of 32,768 people, and the population is fully literate. Blikistan's Government never meets in person, all communication and planning is done on a wiki. Blikistan (the software) is the only blogging software that allows the blogger to choose which language their blog will be powered by. The Magic Engine can be implemented in any language using Perl's Inline modules. In Blikistan (the country) taxes are filed online using SocialCalc. Blikistan (both the country and software) is completely paperless.

I did not know that.
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