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Thursday, February 03, 2005
Open Source Olap

"Looking at commercial OLAP servers running on Linux, the problem here, as Nigel pointed out in an comp.databases.olap thread a while ago, is that the cost of those commercial OLAP servers that do run on Linux, together with the (effectively) free Linux license is actually higher than the cost of MS Analysis Services, plus a Windows Server license, on the same Intel hardware."

Even in linux-mostly environments, I'm often forced to recommend SQL Server for doing analytics for the above reasons. It's really one of the few realms where I don't see an advantage to taking the open source state of the art and making it your own with customizations. (The Exchange ecosystem probably also meets this criteria, but thankfully that's one I don't have to deal with.)

There's just a lot of functionality you get for free in Analysis Services that it'd be no fun to build.
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