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Friday, February 11, 2005
iFolder Simple Server?

Miguel links to the new iFolder site. Most interesting is that they've implemented a "Simple Server" ... does that bring them on par with Groove's store-and-forward file replication?

In a related vpn-groupware-file-sharing note: What is imeem?
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Carl Sassenrath has a blog!

I'm a big Carl Sassenrath fan (of AmigaOS fame), because I think he's had an uncanny knack of being about 10 years ahead of the curve in several important tech areas. I enjoyed messing around with REBOL, his ultralightweight and super portable scripting language, because it embodied things like rich client, messaging web services etc way before these terms made it into conventional 'marketecture'.

Given this, it's interesting to see how in other ways, like open source and blogging, he's just getting his feet wet. Here's a post on Carl discovering VB.NET and VS.NET, the goliath, bizarro-world version of svelte REBOL (and it's 300K runtime.) It's funny in an unintentional, 'Stranger in a Strange Land' kind of way.
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