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Monday, February 07, 2005
IIS-Optional ASP.NET

Big Al deploys ASP.NET apps not on mono, but on an apache/win32 sub-project mod_aspdotnet. I hadn't realized that was had progressed to the status of a decent option, but it's good to hear. What I'm not clear on is why VMWare with an XP/Pro guest didn't work for him, or why google didn't turn up webmatrix and cassini for him.
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More on Sun OSDB

Stephen O'Grady writes in his linkblog:
interesting post from Sequeira; i think, tho i'm not sure, that the Clustra stuff is behind Sun cluster, but is there DB stuff in there too? don't know

I searched the Slashdot discussion for 'Clustra', and found someone who has some first-hand experience with Clustra. I like the symmetry of Scott dumping a RAC competitor into the market after Oracle's well publicized migration to Linux as a deployment platform.

It also dovetails nicely with Sun's moves into being a grid provider. Having a free/open source database seems like it would be pretty important if you wanted to offer developers a no-commitment opportunity to build apps that could best be run/managed on a Sun grid.
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