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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Triangulation: More Javascript persistence

When I wrote in the misnamed post Javascript as the new App Server? about a Flash based persistence engine, I was thinking that some of the pure Java db's had allowed this for some time via applet deployment.

Ted Leung picks up the thread in this post about the latest developments from Sun to enable disconnected webplications via easy client-side persistence:

Adam Bosworth has previously written about the need for local synchronizable storage for the web browser, and I know that the Mozilla folks have been investigating embedding SQLite, for just these sort of reasons. That effort is slated for Mozilla 1.5 or later. It seems to me that what Francois has done is to make that capability available today. I spent some time talking with Francois over lunch, and it turns out that he also has some code that wraps Derby in a way that is AJAX friendly, which means that AJAX applications can do similar tricks without needing the use the embedded Java support.

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