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Thursday, December 22, 2005
VLDB for cheapskates

The (ExtendDB) Standard Edition allows users to cluster together four servers running the open source database software PostgreSQL. It is targeted for the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing market. ExtenDB's database engine partitions or replicates the data amongst the nodes, and intelligently parallelizes submitted SQL requests, achieving fast query response times by utlizing all of the nodes in the cluster.

I asked ExtendDB CEO Mason Sharp how their free offering differed from Bizgres MPP. His reply, in brief, was: $80K.


Hopefully I'll have time in the near future to dig into the architectural differences between Bizgres and ExtenDB. Saving clients $100K's in licensing fees makes a consultant feel good.
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What is hotcluster?

Early in 2006 we'll begin beta tests of our utility computing system for web applications. We've designed our system not only to provide the horsepower to run scalable applications, but also to simplify integration, testing, deployment and scaling. Define and deploy custom infrastructure for your web applications in minutes instead of days using only a browser. All your application infrastructure from clustered databases to load balanced web servers, firewalls and even email are included. Deploy several copies of the application to speed through testing. Plus, you can start with as little as a single server and scale to dozens of servers without changing your application. And if you get customers overseas, you can deploy internationally in less than a day

ActiveGrid++ ? A bit too good to be true?
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