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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Thinking in Java's Bruce Eckel on The Ruby Exodus

Great article. There are so many lines that resonate with me:


"I tried to understand EJB1, but when I first heard that entity beans didn't actually work, my brain refused to let me invest any more time, which turned out to be the right choice"

... On Zope:

"I've been bumping up against the problem of "but all I want to do is connect a database to the web" in Zope2 for several years now. Oh, it's definitely something you can do, but unfortunately it's past the knee of the "Z-shaped learning curve," and is only trivial if you live and breathe Zope every day."

Ruby (RoR) seems like it deserves a chapter in Gladwell's Tipping Point 2, if it ever comes out - the Salespeople and Maven's have left the Java building. Just like 10 years ago they left the C++ building for Java.

[via Andre Mesarovic]
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