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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
And we'll call it ... .NET!

Tim Bray lays out a vision of how Java could embrace scripting languages a little better. It looks and sounds suspicously like Microsoft's .NET vision of 2001. (via, and in response to, Stephen O'Grady)

I've done a couple successful jython projects (Intraspect used it for it's API), and it was definitely better than having to do low-level Java or suffer learning a proprietary scripting language.

However, I became quite frusted with how running language A on runtime B broke a tool I rely on to be a productive programmer: google. You can no longer reliably use google to find source code examples for doing things like parsing XML, say, because you're now using a strange language that needs to call non-native class libraries. The native libraries no longer work, so neither does google or that stack of O'Reilly books sitting behind you. That realization really tempered my enthusiasm for the J* languages (and the Iron* ones).
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