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Friday, February 17, 2006
Selenium IDE

Check out this movie of the browser-history-capturing Selenium IDE in action.

A long term goal of mine has been to get clients, even non-technical ones, to create or help create automated tests. It's been really impractical because

  • it's time consuming
  • it would involve them learning something they shouldn't have to learn and probably have little interest in learning.

    I'm hopeful that Selenium IDE can address these issues.

    [via Hamilton Chu]

    As an aside, projects like Selenium IDE make me wonder, do you know any web developers that use IE as their primary browser? I'm finding it harder and harder to imagine.

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  • Area775: for your phone

    Michael Robertson has announced a new service, Area775 , that effectively provides Skype-in for free. Two great features stand out: you can configure it to ring multiple physical phone lines (findme/followme), and it will send voicemail to your email (and notify you of calls via SMS).

    Additionally, you have:

    • the obligatory gmaps mashup for caller's location
    • call recording
    • one-button transfer
    • listening to vm messages as they are left, with ability to cut in
    • free voice conferencing

    Under the free plan it costs $2/call to terminate on a POTS phone, but you can pay $4/mo to have this feature for free. (I think)

    I've been hoping/waiting for someone to offer for phones, because mail forwarding service allowed me to experiment with mailing back ends (load balancing, spam filtering, gmail etc) without messing up other people's addressbooks. There's a lot of innovative phone tech I'd really like to try, but I wanted a similar level of confidence that the new systems wouldn't break the old. Wife+family's tolerance for disrupted communications is quite low. :-)
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