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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Virtual Strategy on Virtuozzo

I liked this article, especially the vendors answer about their positioning in the marketplace. Inspired, I talked to a Virtuozzo sales rep, and found out that their customers typically run 40-60 OS instances on a single rackmount production server (dual Xeon - nothing fancy.)

They get such good #'s because their virtualization strategy is a bit closer to BSD Jails in that they share lots of resources with the host OS. But sadly, it is unlike Containers/jails/Xen/etc in that MS requires an OS/etc license for each installed copy of their software.

It's painful to think you can rent a $400/mo server and reliably host 60 different clients on it, but the MS tax for a web/db app could come to several 100K. And you are forced to pay that tax not because the software is great, but for exactly the opposite reason: security and management issues dictate dedicated servers.


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I was contacted about a week ago about a stealth mode commercial postgresql vendor who wanted some beta feedback. I haven't gotten the beta yet, but am looking forward to it. They had the admirable and now very familiar goal of the other OSS hybrid ventures (ActiveGrid, Spikesource, etc) : removing the last few barriers to enterprise acceptance.

They should be decloaking in a month or so, so hopefully I can write more then.
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