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Monday, April 04, 2005
Scaling Rails

Anarchogeek's write-up covers the importance of the various communities in determining the success in particular areas and the (positive) experience of using Ruby in the type of large project customarily implemented in Java.
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When I wrote up the spikesource post, it reminded me of another company looking to merge enterprise SOA with open source scripting - ActiveGrid. It turns out that ActiveGrid just released a whitepaper on their technology. As much as I like the ActiveGrid aim of making it easy for enterprise decision-makers to choose scripting technologies, their approach is confusing.

i.e. Which of the following doesn't belong?

  1. distributed transactions
  2. IDE
  3. soa (n-tier, xml-based api)
  4. lightweight scripting languages

It's not that #4 can't play with the rest, it's just that I think by pushing the first 3 on constituencies which have historically been allergic to them isn't a good business idea.

In both the ActiveGrid and Spikesource case, I believe they've both announced plans to give working versions of their stack away. I'm anxious to see how they measure up, but not sure how much beyond marketing coherence they're going to add to scripting's appeal.
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